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The ZEON NETWORK project solves the problem of "mass adoption" of cryptocurrency, the problem of safe purchase in ICO projects can be solved with the help of the blockchain technology as an open system. Transactions will become simple and completely confidential with our own blockchain with consensus (PoS 3.0) and a user-friendly interface provided for all services.


ZEON's airdrop is one of the biggest airdrops,a 100,000 participant will get FREE ZNC.

Follow the steps bellow to get the Airdrop :

1) Subscribe to Zeon Network on : Telegram, Twitter, YouTube and Medium (Links bellow).
2) Ask a question about the product on Telegram or on Bitcoin talk (Links bellow).
3) Sign Up on ZEON's website (Link bellow and then click on "GET FREE ZNC").

Social Media Links :

twitter youtube reddit telegram Linkedin Medium Github facebook Steemit Bitcointalk

Elapsed Time :


Raised Funds : ( Live Updates are Not Available for this Project)

ICO Score : 7.3 Out of 10

ico score


Website: Visit

White Paper: Visit

Bounty: Visit

Bonuses: -

ICO Start: 08/06/2018

ICO End: 23/07/2018

Pre-sale Price: -

ICO Price: -

Whitelist and KYC

Country: Switzerland

Pre-sale Start: -

Pre-sale End: -

Hard Cap: 15,000,000 USD

Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD

Restricted Countries: -

Accepted Currencies:


Ticker: ZNC

Token Type: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum


The ZEON NETWORK has developed a mechanism that independently operates in the interests of users (backers), and also takes into account the current needs of the ICO/crypto developers.

The ZEON NETWORK protocol is based on the method of fair funding, when the ICO founders receive payments equivalent to their work done.

Payments are increased if their work satisfies the interests of their users and vice versa. The crypto-economic protocol is controlled by reliable data obtained from the oracle (hereinafter referred to as Hyperion), which in turn monitors the value of the ICO token/coin on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The main function of ZNC - universal and secure payment instrument, fast exchange, anonymous transaction, cross-chain trading. ZNC does not belong to and is not managed by any person or company, and its network is protected by its users and their thousands of nodes around the world.


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