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Taurus0x aims to implement derivatives on the blockchain, the Taurus0x protocol supports three types of derivative contracts initially: call, put and binary.

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Raised Funds : ( Live Updates are Not Available for this Project)

ICO Score : 8 Out of 10

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Website: Visit

White Paper: Visit

Bounty: Visit

Bonuses: -

ICO Start: 07/07/2018

ICO End: 06/09/2018

Pre-sale Price: -

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 10000 TAUR


Country: United States

Pre-sale Start: -

Pre-sale End: -

Hard Cap: 20,408 ETH

Soft Cap: -

Restricted Countries: -

Accepted Currencies:


Ticker: TAUR

Token Type: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum

Token Supply: 250,000,000 TAUR


Taurus0x protocol supports three types of derivative contracts initially: call, put and binary. Binary is straight forward with known profit or loss. Call and put have more sophisticated logic.

Put contracts are similar to buying a zero-deductible insurance policy on an asset. A put Taker pays a premium to guarantee their loss is compensated in case the asset depreciates, up to a defined maximum margin and time in the future.

Binary contracts are the easiest type of derivative based contracts to understand for beginners. They allow for direct price speculation of a given digital asset. Binary contracts accept two participants: the Maker and the Taker

A call contract is an offer from the Maker to the market, i.e. potential Takers. The Maker offers a call contract on any digital asset if they speculate that the value of the asset will not appreciate over a specific value in the future, called strike price.

The contract Taker speculates otherwise. The Taker pays a premium to the Maker in exchange of sharing potential profits shall the asset appreciate over the specified strike price. The profit sharing is limited by the maximum margin.


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