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Cooperative Exchange


At COOPEX, we intend on allowing users to reap rewards for activity and trading, while giving them a voice in our voting and project listing processes.

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Raised Funds : ( Live Updates are Not Available for this Project)

ICO Score : Not Rated

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Website:        Visit

White Paper:   Visit

Bounty:          Visit

Bonuses: -

ICO Start: 03/07/2018

ICO End : 30/09/2018

Pre-sale Price: -

ICO Price: 0.0002 ETH

KYC/Whitelist: -

Country: USA

Pre-sale Start: -

Pre-sale End :   -

Hard Cap: 900,000 USD

Soft Cap : 500,000 USD

Restricted Countries: USA

Accepts: ETH,BTC,BCH


Ticker: COOP

Token Type: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum


At COOPEX, we understand that ludicrous fees and listing policies ruin user experience and project success.

Thus, we have decided to create an exchange that gives the majority of its trading fees back to its users and investors. Listing fees for ERC tokens will be zero, as long as the exchange is able to maintain solvency.

Running an exchange is difficult and expensive, but we are confident that we can run and maintain the exchange using ICO funds and a small percentage of trading fees in perpetuity.


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