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Bitsong is an advertising platform that will provide opportunities for the advertiser to easily reach their audience, thus avoiding intermediaries who only increase the advertising cost.

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Raised Funds : ( Live Updates are Not Available for this Project)

ICO Score : 7 Out Of 10



Website:        Visit

White Paper:   Visit

Bounty:          Visit

Bonuses: -

ICO Start: 10/08/2018

ICO End : 10/11/2018

Pre-sale Price: -

ICO Price:
1 BTSG = 0.062 USD

KYC and Whitelist

Country: Malta

Pre-sale Start:   -

Pre-sale End :   -

Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD

Soft Cap : 3,000,000 USD

Restricted Countries: -

Accepts: ETH


Ticker: BTSG

Token Type: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum


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